The Top 10 Mistakes Technology Companies Make

In operating closely with era vendors over the years, I regularly find out that those groups are making common errors that devalue the business enterprise, leave revenue on the table, or jeopardize their long-time period fitness. So this unique article identifies the top 10 of those errors that will help you keep away from making […]

Leveraging Technology for Organisational Excellence

Technology & HR-Leverage one for the other: “Technology and HR are enablers of business. Integration of the 2 might mean now not simplest harmonious co-life however additionally leveraging one for the other. Leveraging of an era for HR would imply digitizing the mundane HR sports and automating the back workplace and transactional activities associated with […]

Technology Enhances Wine, Spirits and Beer Labels

What’s the cause of a wine label; or for that rely a label on spirits and beer? Obviously, the first response to that question is: to fulfill the TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau) rules. Once that is accomplished, the label space remaining can be used for branding and advertising and marketing reproduction. […]

Leaping Into the 6th Technology Revolution

Yet many are oblivious to the signs and symptoms and are in chance of watching this turn out to be a length of noisy turmoil in place of the total-blown riot had to release us right into an inexperienced economy. What we require isn’t a brand new spinning wheel, however, the fabric is woven with […]

March of the Green Technology

Technology has been defined in numerous approaches. The only is the information of the use of tools and strategies to improve the working situation, organizational control, and creative attitude a good way to improve the efficiency of product, device or human efforts. The primitive guy is known for the clever use of stone to convert […]