Is Personal Technology a Drug?

As lots of you already know, I actually have discussed the unfavorable outcomes of an era on several events. Specifically, I am talking approximately things like cellular telephones, video games, capsules and personal computer systems, the one’s gadgets we include in the everyday affairs of our lives. I actually have argued there’s no documented evidence […]

Improve Technology ROI: Focus on People

Buzzwords are superb. They supply us an excuse to nod our heads, act like we’re paying interest, after which absolutely ignore problems with out giving them a 2d thought. As long as we use buzzwords, we seem (if best to ourselves) to realize what’s taking place and we are on the pinnacle of the undertaking […]

Beware the Seductive Power of Technology

I Like Technology. I’m conceding all the desirable and fun things that computer-based technology has brought into our lives; I’ll no longer combat that conflict. Not only would I lose any argument towards the splendid additions era has made to our lives, I would be preventing towards myself. I adore it that I can flip […]