Cellular telephones focused in spate of Lenton avenue robberies

Investigating officers were appealing for facts about 5 robberies and attempted robberies – all of which happened this week. The first passed off at round nine.45pm on Tuesday while guys threatened their sufferer before stealing his iPhone 6S and a small amount of cash in Fort Street, out of doors the Park Rock One residences. He wasn’t injured.
Any other man controlled to escape after being approached by means of two men who threatened him and demanded his phone in Douglas Road, Lenton, at across the equal time on Wednesday.


One of the men become defined as white, in his late 20s to mid-30s, with a balding hair line and sporting a gray hooded top, denim and trainers. The opposite changed into carrying tracksuit bottoms and a dark hooded top.Then, within the early hours of this morning (Friday, February 24), 3 comparable incidents befell within the area of 15 minutes. The first came about at around 12.30am, while a man mentioned he was chased with the aid of 3 men who he believed intended to rob him as he walked along Lenton Boulevard.


One became described as white, with a heavy build, in his overdue 20s, wearing gray tracksuit bottoms, a gray hooded pinnacle with the hood up, black hair and black beard. Some other became in his 20s and turned into sporting a gray tracksuit with the hood up. The opposite was Asian, tall, with a black beard and became sporting a darkish coat with the hood up and black tracksuit bottoms.

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