Gwinnett County receives national education accolade

Georgia’s biggest public faculty district received countrywide accolades Tuesday for its efforts in getting students to take greater rigorous publications and for a way college students done in the one’s classes.

                                   Education accolade


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The College Board named Gwinnett County its Superior Placement District of the Year, many of the country’s largest faculty districts. Gwinnett did the great task of getting more students to take AP publications, and its college students, consisting of the ones from low-profit backgrounds, progressed their academic performance on AP tests.

Usually, AP ratings decline whilst greater college students take those guides, stated Trevor Packer, the University Board’s senior vice president of AP and training.

“This is extraordinary. This is uncommon. This is aberrant. That is not the norm,” Packer said of Gwinnett’s outcomes throughout the declaration at Gwinnett’s Duluth Excessive college.

In truth, Packer said the accomplishment is “honorificabilitudinitatibus.” Shakespeare fans may additionally apprehend the phrase from his play “Love’s Labour’s Lost,” which means the kingdom can achieve honors.

Considering that 2014, student participation in AP has elevated in Gwinnett with the aid of five percent each year, University Board officers said. Closing college 12 months, 61 percent of Gwinnett college students scored a three or higher; that’s the brink for robust overall performance.


The handiest three percent of the kingdom’s faculties that administer AP courses had a boom in overall performance whilst including greater college students. Atlanta’s school district also become many of the three percent that did so, University Board officials said.

The College Board, headquartered in NY City, creates the SAT exam and the direction descriptions for Advanced Placement lessons. Schools Commonly provide credits to students who were rating properly on AP checks.

College Board officers consider Gwinnett’s strong AP effects stem from running as early as the basic school to prepare students for such coursework. Duluth High senior Cameron Carter, an admitted procrastinator, started taking AP publications, making him a better trouble-solver and progressed his time control. Carter is scheduled to have completed 10 AP guides while he graduates.

The publications and teachers “provided me not Handiest with University readiness, however training for existence and opportunities,” said Carter, who plans to wait for Columbia College q4.

The announcement got here an afternoon earlier than the College Board released information on how college students took the courses. Closing faculty 12 months accomplished on AP tests. Fifteen states did better than Georgia. In Georgia, barely greater than 22 percent of college students scored higher than a 3 on a minimum one AP examination. The national common was 21.9 percentage, consistent with University Board information.

College Board officials consider Georgia fared above average due to applications to help Hispanic college students and being one of the Best states that pay for one AP examination for low-earnings college students. Georgia’s low-profits college students did higher than maximum nationally, they said.

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