Horse Ownership – The Real Cost of Owning Your Own Horse

I had my own horses once I turned younger, but due to my own family problems, my horse had to be bought after I changed to about 15. For many, many years, I yearned to have another equine buddy. After sharing some horses, the craving for my own became too much to endure. Basically, I was going to have my very own, regardless of what. Five years in the past, after searching within the UK, I finally went to Holland with a reputable instructor and found a stunning horse. The only trouble that changed into that I didn’t make my list was that I was now not strictly goal (oh, and I had a 4-month vintage little girl!) Now, my stunning 17.3 KWPN Dressage horse is on loan to sell because I actually didn’t have the time or the way of life to satisfy his needs and satisfy my dream. I spent most of my time moving from one livery yard to the following and mucking out in pitch-black darkness. I couldn’t come up with the money for my schooling because of no job and mum to a little child lady. My financial institution stability is still reeling after forking out a small fortune for my horsy addiction! So, I am now horseless again and really unhappy approximately it too. Writing this has been a touch bit cathartic, maybe, even though I need to seize a horsebox and pass and pick him up. Just devising my plan for getting the next one at some point. This time, I will make The List before I go horse searching! Please study on, and if you recognize each person approximately to shop for their very own, please ask them to study it too!

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Have you certainly, I suggest truly, thought approximately it – objectively? Forget romantic notions of rosettes, prevailing dressage competitions, studying new methods to speak, and just spending time together with your equine pal. Stand lower back and look at the 2 key realities of owning your personal horse – because once you’ve got them to your lifestyle, letting them pass again may be challenging and highly-priced! Are you without a doubt prepared for the commitment, each economic and time, which proudly owning your own horse includes?

It will offer you an extraordinary opportunity to bond and revel in a courting with a sensitive, affectionate and smart animal who, provided you appreciate the reality that he is a horse and now not an equine device, will become one of the nice friends you have ever had. They become a way of existence – a focus for each a while and price range and not each person on your existence can also respect this! But, except for the leisure you should have out of your new friend, you ought to be organized for the commitment that owning your own horse involves.

Starting from the top then. What form of horse/pony do you want, and what can you have the funds for? What do you want to do? Are you a glad hacker sort who wants a quiet friend to hack out, groom, and do the extraordinary laugh ride and opposition? Do you want to participate in Pony Club activities, or are you even geared up for the big flow to a critical competition horse with display leaping or dressage in thoughts? This is a complete, very essential point. Again, forget about romantic notions of what you need to do, and do not forget very harshly, what you could have the funds to buy, to hold, to hold and really, what are you surely clearly capable of handling, and (a smooth one to overlook) what are you going to have the time for genuinely. Don’t faux to yourself – you will do your self and any horse you buy an injustice. A satisfied hacker might be great with the abnormal experience, and you’ll benefit from the occasional lesson. However, an opposition horse, like a KWPN DW, might be wasted in case you deliberate to compete but spend all of your time mucking out (due to the fact you can not afford to assist) and juggling your circle of relatives commitments at the identical time (talking from enjoying on this factor!) Think about it loads (after which consider it again and again).

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Different breeds of horses have varying personalities and wish to all upload various necessities to your budget and time. What is your true degree of information regarding stable control, horse control and welfare, horse first aid, feed & nutrients, and your using capabilities – are they truly up to the process? It could be effortless to be seduced by using the mind of excessive-grade competition wins to your stunning steed. But, be realistic. There’s no point buying something you cannot deal with – you may destroy the pony and destroy your dreams! So suppose very difficult. Forget what you need – look hard at yourself. Without emotion, write a list of what you clearly recognize: your competencies (get a few friends to make a list too), your dreams, and realistic timeframes for accomplishing positive milestones. Then suppose difficult approximately what horse/pony to shop for. What is your lifestyle – what sort of horse/pony can be satisfied with the life, interest, and schooling you may be able to manage to pay for him? Ask a chum to video your riding and have a look at it objectively.

The major point approximately age of your buy, training wishes & your capabilities apart, is resale. If you simplest need to preserve a horse for some years, you then want to make sure you buy a correctly aged horse in your skills, so you have a sellable horse in a few years. Horses can live a long time. Well past the factor while they can compete, leap huge jumps, and perform technically correct dressage movements. It would help if you had a plan for an older horse once his desires differed.

Consider how long you may need/be capable of preserve this horse/pony? What are your abilities? What training are you able to have enough money? How plenty of time do you’ve got, realistically deliberating all of your other commitments? How frequently will you be capable of workout him? Trainers? Do you’ve got a container (for competing)? All of those questions ought to be considered and spoke back objectively before you cross looking and make sure you’ve got budgeted, realistically, for all of the training, livery, and help that you’ll want. Who will help you if you are away / on vacation (do not forget the more value implications)? There’s no point wanting to compete if you can not afford the shipping to get there.

Once you have your horse, promoting can also take time. The marketplace can be reduced; he may be too vintage; not skilled enough; not fit sufficient; now not competed enough; now not advanced enough for his age. For these motives shopping for the right horse, for you at this second in time, no longer simply your competencies; however, what you’re clearly going to have the time to keep, control, and keep. Because, like me, you could absolutely now not be capable of bearing the notion of selling him and now not having him in your life, even whilst you realize deep, deep down that you can not get healthy him into your lifestyles for the time being.

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An older horse/pony might be more difficult to promote on if kept for a long term, while a younger horse, in case you had been to maintain for about four years and provided it’s been properly educated and looked after, might perhaps be a faster horse to promote on. Really, the point is to take into account the long-run results of your horse purchase, as, like a dog, they’re ‘now not just for Xmas.’ They are a long-term commitment to your time, budget, and, once devoted, to your coronary heartstrings!

A more youthful horse requires a large amount of training information and time. In contrast, an older horse will be less difficult in a few areas because of their experiences and education (provided, of course, they’re excellent ones). If you have the experience, time, and several proper running shoes, a younger horse might be very profitable if you do it well. You will no longer spend time undoing others’ poor and, in all likelihood, negative education methods. However, you don’t want to be the one that applies them both. A well-schooled, competed (if that’s what you’re looking for) / extra mature horse could allow you to develop slightly faster than if you had a young horse desiring to be taught. But all of it depends on so many factors. An older horse can be barely less complicated genuinely because he is more mature and assured. But of course, all of it relies upon past experiences and education on the way to no longer constantly be evident initially.

At the quit of the day, the age of the horse you buy have to fall in keeping with what you’re able to now, what you’ll be capable of inside the near destiny and allow enough time to gain enough so if important, you could sell him on, well educated and satisfied, in a few years. Or, make certain you have long time arrangements in thoughts to maintain him in a field with a few buddies, satisfied for the rest of his years (some special equestrian centers provide retirement liveries).

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