How to Become a Home Health Care Nurse

Home fitness care is allowing the patient and their family to maintain dignity and independence. According to the National Association for Home Care, more than 7 million individuals inside the United States want home health care nurse services due to acute illness, a long time of health troubles, permanent disability, or terminal infection.

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Home Health Care Basics

Home health care nursing is a growing phenomenon as greater sufferers and their families prefer to get care in their homes. The records of domestic health care stem from Public Health Nursing, in which public health nurses made home visits to promote health education and offer a remedy as to a part of network outreach programs. Today academic packages teach nurses in-home care and corporations region domestic fitness care nurses with ailing people and their households relying on the nurse’s enjoy and qualifications. Nurses practice in some venues: Hospital settings, nursing homes, assisted dwelling facilities, and domestic fitness care. In many instances, there’s a shared dating among the enterprise and the educational organization.

Many adjustments have taken vicinity inside the place of home fitness care. These encompass Medicare and Medicaid and Long Term Care insurance compensation and documentation. The nurse and nursing company needs to be privy to the many factors worried for these rules and guidelines due to those groups. Population and demographic modifications are taking vicinity as well.

Baby boomers coming near retirement and will gift new demanding situations for the home healthcare enterprise. Technology and medical care in hospitals have led to shorter inpatient life and more at-home rehabilitation. Increases in scientific outpatient tactics are also taking place with observe-up home care. This has resulted in the lower mortality price from this technology and medical care, which will increase morbidity and persistent contamination that makes the want for home fitness care nursing a more priority.

Home Health Care Nurse Job Description

Through an array of talents and revel in, home health care nurses specialize in a wide variety of treatments; emotional assist, schooling of patients who are getting better from ailments and injury for young kids and adults, to ladies who’ve skilled current childbirth, to the aged who want palliative care for chronic illness.

A working nurse ought to have the talents to offer care in a unique setting, including someone’s home. The nurse is operating with the patient and the circle of relatives and understands the verbal exchange abilities for such dynamics. Rapport is clear in all nursing positions; however, running in a patient’s very own living space needs an extraordinary stage of skill and expertise.

There is self-sufficient decision-making because the nurse is now not operating as a crew with other nurses in based surroundings but is now a member of the “circle of relatives” crew. The host circle of relatives has cultural values essential for every affected person and must be dealt with with intense sensitivity. Other abilities encompass essential questioning, coordination, evaluation, communication, and documentation.

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Home health care nurses additionally specialize in the care of youngsters with disabilities that calls for extra abilities, including patience and knowledge of the needs of the own family. Children are dwelling with disabilities nowadays that might have ended in mortality simply 20 years ago. Genetic problems, congenital bodily impairments, and harm are only a few. However, many households are acquainted with coping with the kid’s needs but want professional care that simplest a home fitness care nurse can offer.

A home health care nurse must be privy to the family’s knowledge approximately the child’s condition for proper care of the child. However, most critical, there are many complexities involved; a fine mindset and tremendous reinforcement are of extreme importance for the child’s development.

Medication coordination between the home health care nurse, medical doctor, and pharmacist guarantees the right to control the precise science in giving the affected person the suitable dose, time of management, and combinations. Home fitness care nurses should be acquainted with pharmacology and taught in training approximately exceptional medicinal drugs used by sufferers within the medical putting.

Many advanced practicing nurses are acquainted with medication regimens. They have completed graduate stage applications. Home health care agencies accept that a nurse should have at least one year of clinical experience before getting into home health care. Advanced working towards nurses can expedite that schooling via helping new nurses apprehend the home fitness care marketplace and coaching.

Employment and Salary

According to the United States Department of Labor, there have been 2.4 million nurses in America, the biggest healthcare career. Yet, many instructional and hospital groups accept this as true with a gross scarcity of nursing staff. The scarcity of nurses turned 6% in 2000 and is anticipated to be 10% in 2010. The average salary for hospital nursing is $ fifty-three,450, with 3 out of 5 nursing jobs are in the medical institution. For domestic health care, the income is $ forty-nine,000. For nursing care facilities, they have been the lowest at $ forty-eight,2 hundred.

Training and persevering with education

Most domestic fitness care nurses benefit from their schooling thru accredited nursing faculties during the country with an associate degree in nursing (ADN), a Bachelor of Science diploma in nursing (BSN), or a master’s diploma in nursing (MSN). According to the America Department of Labor, in 2004, there were 674 BSN nursing applications, 846 ADN packages.

Also, in 2004, there had been 417 master’s diploma programs, ninety-three doctoral applications, and forty-six joint BSN-doctoral programs. The companion degree application takes 2 to 3 years to complete, whilst bachelor’s ranges take four years. Nurses can also earn a specialized professional certificate online in Geriatric Care or Life Care Planning.

In addition, for those nurses who elect to pursue development into administrative positions or research, consulting, and teaching, a bachelor’s diploma is regularly vital. A bachelor’s diploma is also vital for turning into a scientific nurse expert, nurse anesthetists, nurse midwife, and nurse practitioners (U.S. Department of Labor, 2004).

All home health care nurses have supervised medical revel in for the duration of their training, but as stated earlier superior working towards nurses keep master’s levels. In contrast to bachelor and companion tiers, they’ve at least two years of submitting scientific revel. Coursework includes anatomy, body structure, chemistry, microbiology, vitamins, psychology, behavioral sciences, and liberal arts. Many of these applications have schooling in nursing homes, public fitness departments, home health groups, and ambulatory clinics. (U.S. Dept. Of Labor, 2004).

Whether a nurse is schooling in a medical institution, a nursing facility, or home care, persevering with training is vital. Health care is changing rapidly, and staying abreast with the ultra-modern tendencies complements affected person care and health processes. Universities, continuing education applications, and net websites, all offer continuing schooling. One such enterprise that provides continuing schooling is the American Nurses Association (ANA) or the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC).


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There are many rewards for turning into a home health care nurse. Some rewards encompass the relationship with an affected person and their family, autonomy, independence, and tasty in crucial questioning. The 21st Century brings with it many opportunities and demanding situations. We must meet these challenges head-on – there may be a growing old child boomer population, a developing morbidity element due to improved clinical technology and patient care, and the growing shortage in nursing care.

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