How to Find a WordPress Theme That Works

A blogger once asked me, how can he find a WordPress theme that works because he does no longer have the skills or money to create a WordPress subject. Sometimes selecting a WordPress theme is like choosing your outfit. What you placed on represents who you’re and the image you want to provide to the arena. Often I discover myself sorting thru my closet, trying on a selection of various outfits and garb combinations. Somehow I can in no way find the outfit that is simply right and I waste time changing constantly due to the fact I do not know what type of “appearance” I need. Often WordPress bloggers find themselves sorting through and trying out WordPress issues time and again once more. This can turn out to be a waste of time and takes away from time you could be spent on honestly blogging! Instead, make an effort to bear in mind these five factors that will help you find the WordPress topic of your denim! Doing this may save you time to weblog extra and maybe even re-arrange your messy closet!

Consider Its Width and Columns

The first component you’ll need to bear in mind is the width and columns of your selected subject. Most issues provide you with an option to choose a 2-column or 3-column layout. 2-column designs are brilliant for running a blog if your intentions are non-income. Having only 2 columns makes your weblog appearance sleek. Plus, they are easier to view to your readers. Fewer columns imply fewer distractions so your readers can definitely an awareness of the content of your writing.

Three-column issues are perfect for bloggers who want to earn a profit from their web page. Not only will you be capable of gift the content of your blog, however, you’ll additionally have column space for ad codes inclusive of Google AdSense, Chitika and Text Link. Having 3 columns gives you plenty of area in order that ads and blogs are not right on top of every different, plus it gives you room for enlargement. Keeping columns prepared and separate keeps things neat, attractive and greater powerful.

Consider Its Images and Icons

While photographs and different decorative icons may additionally seem appealing, they really might not do something to boom site visitors for your blog or stimulate your subscriber base. Sometimes it is satisfactory to preserve it easy! Many of the most a hit bloggers have easy pages with minimal photographs. Most of these pages truly present an easy brand on pinnacle for a completely unique touch with impartial colorings. Using minimal photographs will permit your web page to load quicker and also your server will not be so strained. This is simply a terrific design plan to ensure your weblog will develop with you as your internet traffic increases.

Not handiest will photograph sluggish download time, but additionally, they’re distracting for your readers. Images can pull reader interest away from your blog posts as well as your advertisements. If you must use a photo, follow the lead of blogs which includes Engadget and Tech Crunch who most effective use images in content material areas to feature value to a put up. As a rule of thumb, use pics within your weblog content material most effective. Avoid snapshots within the header of your blog or scattered during. Keep your weblog subject simple and streamline. The handiest time you must comprise a header photograph is for promotional functions together with posting a brand to unfold the phrase approximately your logo. In addition, constantly replace pix and icons with links and textual content each time viable.

Check Its Plugin Compatibility

The set up of plugins on your weblog can also devour an extremely good deal of it slow, which might be higher-spent running a blog! Plugins are important and honestly to improve the functionality of your blog website. They are usually loose, and their functions are infinite. However, many plugins can turn out to be very hard and irritating. Entering the plugin codes to your website online, one by one can take a clearly long time! Even putting one code can come to be an ache if your site is greater complicated which include an AXJ-primarily based WordPress topic. These topics have multiple documents and are heavily coded. Therefore, choosing a less complicated theme could make the use of plugins tons less complicated to do so that you don’t ought to waste time figuring out petty, trivial codes! Instead, spend greater time on getting exceptional facts and content material out on your readers at a quick pace. Keeping your page’s topic simple will enhance the reading experience for all your fans.

Check If It Is Well Optimized

Search Engine Optimization is regularly called “search engine optimization“. While SEO is puffed up a notable deal, if you blog has first-class content material that people want to study, you’ll get the rating and interest that you desire and have earned. While this is the case, it does no longer imply you have to forget about SEO altogether. Every weblog can advantage from search engine optimization in a few shapes. You want to ensure that you optimize your “seek-capability” with the aid of doing the following:

Format all tags properly. List the name of the publish accompanied by way of the name of the weblog. Often topics will try this automatically without using a plugin or enhancing the code in any way.

Be certain that every of your blog-content material titles uses the H1 tag. This consists of the primary key phrases used in place of non-descriptive text so that it is extra suitable and accurate for most excellent SEO purposes.

Keep your subject easy. This means your theme makes use of smooth resources codes. If you are able, try to link all formatting to an outside CSS file. This can be edited independently.

Check If It Is Easy To Use

When topic buying you furthermore may want to do not forget how clean and realistic the theme can be to apply. You want for you to install the topic effortlessly to an existing blog while not having to transport matters around an excessive amount of on the page layout. Also, you may need to know if the theme may be to be had to customize in your other blogs for a uniform look. You need a theme with a purpose to be flexible and properly as realistic.

There are so many issues, free and paid, available to WordPress bloggers. While it’s far fine to have range, every now and then the selections can be overwhelming. Avoid the confusion. Understanding which traits to search for in a WordPress topic allow you to avoid the use of one which turns into complex and traumatic. Always take a look at a subject out earlier than the use of it for your actual weblog. Think of this as a “check drive”. Make sure you test the theme with all widgets and plugins that you would use in your actual web page for the overall effect. Testing in your own website is a terrible concept. You do not need your readers to see ordinary codes or blunders messages for your page which could deter them from persevering with to read your weblog!

If you cannot discover a WordPress theme that works for you, you may lease a custom internet design corporation, like Anglo Designs, to create a custom WordPress subject matter blog for you. This manner you could focus on what you do pleasant-product advent or advertising and marketing! Dedicate a while to developing your personal product or advertising instead of fussing around with themes and formatting.

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