Indispensable Firefox Extensions for Bloggers

If you’re a blogger or area of interest or affiliate marketer the Firefox browser can prevent time and make you cash. There are free extensions to be had that you can speedy installation that will help you do all varieties of matters that you usually need custom software for.

First – in case you blog or very own an internet web page you ought to already be the usage of the Firefox net browser. If you aren’t, download and installation it now and make it your default browser. It’s free, it’s open source, and the equal extensions are available for anyone regardless if you’re on Windows, a Mac, or Linux.

Next, download and installation, this list of list of free Firefox extensions – after which comply with along underneath with my descriptions of how to use them. I’ll come up with two lists of extensions, one “should have” and the second one is “elective” depending on your needs and the type of web work you do. Please observe, “your mileage may also vary” and the greater extensions you install the more memory Firefox desires to run. You can install and uninstall any of those add-ons at any time by using going to “Tools -> Add-Ons” to your Firefox browser. All of my operating PC’s have 1-2GB of RAM, if you have an older device with less reminiscence you may pick to most efficiently run the vital extensions that paintings quality for you. Oh, also if your paintings in a couple of places or on multiple PC you may pick to run “Portable Apps” (simply Google it) on a memory stick thumb drive.

Usually monitoring search engine ratings to your weblog calls for procuring an internet provider. The other technique requires downloading and putting in software to do the tracking. Finally – the geniuses over at SEOBook have ultimately created a Firefox extension so that you can just try this for your browser. It’s dirt simple, and constantly a just a click on away to your popularity bar. Just supply it a URL and a few key phrases and it’ll check Google, Yahoo, and MSN Live seek in a snap. You can store all the pre-configured searches you want, and even time table them! Thank you SEOBook, this tool is a blogger’s an area of interest marketers dream for quickly and automatically checking your SERP rankings on an ordinary foundation.


SEOQuake is the last search engine marketing browser add-on. It’s distinctly configurable and has a million alternatives, but in a nutshell, it is the remaining tool for buying stats and statistics about internet sites. By default whilst you deploy it you get a “SEOBar” on your web pages when your surf the web. It’s fixed on the pinnacle of the web page (which annoys me), mine is set up to be ‘floating’ so I can flow it around the web page. You can also open and near it.

What stats are included on the toolbar is absolutely configurable inside the options of the add-on, this situation is the default alternatives. In order, the options on this situation are your Google PageRank, number of listed pages in google, wide variety of one-way links indexed in Yahoo, hyperlink density in Yahoo, listed pages in MSN live seek, Alexa ranking, age of the area, links in del.Icio.Us, hyperlink to whois, hyperlink to supply code view, link to custom link density record, variety of inner links, and variety of outside hyperlinks. This is an insane amount of facts multi-functional area, and really, very on hand even in case you aren’t doing a number of “search engine optimization” work. It’s so accessible I think each blogger must have this hooked up. If you’re an associate or niche marketer and just now gaining knowledge of about the energy of this plugin – you may by no means be without it again. There is any other option for a “SEOToolbar”, which displays constant in the top of your browser (with the equal stats) similar to the Google toolbar. I opt to have the floating one at the page.

But wait “there’s greater”! SEOQuake also complements your Google seek effects! The first change it’s made to a Google SERP is the buttons at the pinnacle of the web page to “shop to file” or “append to file”. That’s proper – you could search Google for keywords, and keep the search engine marketing records to a CSV document so you can import it right into a spreadsheet for evaluation. While this can most effectively be utilized by advanced customers, the SEOQuake stats are displayed beneath each and each seeks a result. Instantly get PageRank, Alexa ranking, backlinks, indexed pages, and different information on all of the pages ranked in Google’s pinnacle positions! SEO Quake is simply the plugin that won’t quit giving! Once you use it you could turn out to be hooked on looking at different humans’ stats!

Del.Icio.Us bookmarks

The del.Icio.Us firefox extension may be very fundamental, but time-saving. Del.Icio.Us became the primary popular online social bookmarking net app. It was also one of the first actual to apply (and many say innovator of) “tagging” to classify stored bookmarks. I truly don’t know a blogger that does not use this provider (that’s loose and now owned by using Yahoo!). When you have this extension established you gain 2 things. One is with just a click on of your “Ctrl-D” for your keyboard you get a popup conversation box, simply upload your tags and it is stored to del.Icio.Us. Second, in case you hit “Ctrl-B” you get the sidebar, and you may right away search and locate your bookmarks. This extension makes del.Icis.Us 100 instances more usable.

Google Notebook

Before Google notebook, I became an unorganized mess. I saved all my blog and internet website online ideas and “to-do” lists on submit-it notes and scrap portions of the paper. That and lots and plenty of textual content files. Once you put in this extension – all as a way to change. It sets up an online “notebook” that you can use for notes, studies, and works in development. You can paintings in a complete internet web page, or a small container inside the backside proper of your browser by means of clicking “open notebook” in your repute bar. You can set up separate sections, and pages, and headings, and type more than one methods. You can drag and drop, copy and delete – however among the finest characteristic is the capability to study an internet page, pick out some textual content (or photograph, or whatever) on an internet page, proper click it together with your mouse and select “ship to the pocketbook” and BAM! You’ve got stored it for later use. This absolutely stops having dozens of Firefox tabs open for days and maintaining notes all over the location. Being internet primarily based and a part of your Google account, you may get admission to your pocketbook from any laptop everywhere whenever. You may even ship finished documents or works-in-progress to Google Docs at any time.

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