Kate Richardson-Walsh: 10 fitness tips from the Olympic hockey star

Kate Richardson-Walsh, who captained the Great Britain women’s hockey team to Olympic gold in 2016, shares her non-public fitness secrets and techniques – from reachable yoga apps to Joe Wicks’s smooth domestic workout routines.

1. Jazz up your fitness center cloth cabinet

Even as a GB athlete, you have days when you don’t want to get away from the bed but the keys to getting your package on. Once you have were given your package and made it out the front door, you’re great, but that is the tough part. I used to wear garments that had been brilliant and a laugh intentionally. I could wear brilliant-colored running shoes and vivid clothes simply to make the schooling experience exciting. Find whatever works to get you available.2. Make home workouts rapid and amusing

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I think the purpose Joe Wicks is doing so properly is because he makes education exciting. His meals are easy and engaging, and his workouts are tough but virtually short and fun. I every so often does a number of his circuits in the morning. I look at his Instagram account, pick five sporting activities, and do 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off, for about 25 mins. You work clearly difficult, but it doesn’t take too long, so it’s best for a quick exercise.3. Work your thoughts and frame

Sometimes I stand up and do yoga in the morning while everything is nonviolent, and you may be to your personal head area. I have an app on my telephone referred to as Yoga Studio, and it offers you periods, from 10 minutes of stretching to a complete hour power session. You can choose what you need – stability, electricity, flexibility, relaxation-based totally on the way you sense that day. Some days I want to replace off; I fancy a piece of strength paintings on different days.

Finding a little intellectual peace during the day is so vital, and I don’t suppose I clearly absolutely realized the significance of it until my remaining two years playing international hockey.

We all stay 24/7; however, we need to replace off for our intellectual health.

4. Fuel up

I begin the day with muesli, Greek yogurt, and fruit with some fruit juice or tea. If it’s a chilly day, I would possibly have porridge instead. After training, I would possibly have a protein shake or a few crumpets. Lunch is probably eggs and avocado on toast or an omelet. My dinner varies. However, I like cooking Asian stir-fries or fish and vegetables.5. Learn to enjoy your recreation

I was given a terrific bit of recommendation from Karen Pickering, the ex GB swimmer, who said she regretted preventing swimming altogether when she retired. She counseled me to taper down as an alternative for many motives, each bodily and intellectual.

After retiring, I actually have come out to Holland to play home hockey, which has enabled me to educate at a respectable stage four-5 instances per week. Although you have got the stress of having been worldwide, it allows you just to enjoy it.

Playing at club level approach, I can experience the social side extra too. The nice component approximately hockey is that network feel. My wife Helen and I can indulge a bit more now in terms of what we devour or drink; however, due to the fact it’s so ingrained in us, we nevertheless have a bit of guilt approximately that. That is hard to cope with however;, I’m getting there.

Kate Dixon’s Sexless Marriage Book – Is It Any Good?

Sexless marriages are a tough element to triumph over. More regularly than not, ladies in sexless marriages discover it more difficult to cope than guys do.

That’s wherein Kate Dixon’s sexless marriage ebook comes into play. The e-book is known as Get Him In The Mood… How To Get Your Man To Want You More. But is that this manual exact? Will it help you to fix your marriage?

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The first issue you have to recognize approximately Kate Dixon’s ebook is that it is intended for women only. Only ladies in sexless marriages and relationships who desire to get the intercourse returned into their courting must read it. Get Him In The Mood: that’s the real energy of Get Him: that it become written by way of a lady for women handiest.


I love approximately Kate Dixon’s sexless marriage ebook because it teaches women a way to manage their dating and attach it from a function of power. Sexless relationships can virtually ruin a female’s self-esteem, and it appears that evidently, Kate Dixon has the sensitivity to address that trouble and to offer real advice for it.

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Get Him In The Mood is a hundred and fifty or so pages sexless marriage ebook and incorporates 10 chapters. Throughout the book, Kate Dixon strives to show girls how to manipulate their lifestyles and court with their husbands or boyfriend. In a clean to apply recommendation, she lays out a recreation plan to restoration a sexless marriage or courting.

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In Get Him In The Mood, you will analyze why your dating has become a sexless one, the way to start a method to empower you as a girl, and a way to take manipulate of your relationship and flip it for the better.

If you’re a sexless marriage or relationship girl, I advise this ebook via Kate Dixon to you.

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