Life with a used Nissan Leaf: 18 months on

In October of 2015, I took the plunge and purchased a 3 12 months vintage Nissan Leaf for around $10,000. No longer awful, given it best had 16,000 miles on the clock.

Nissan Leaf

Life with a used Nissan Leaf: 18 months on 25Leaf

2016 Nissan 370z

I posted some updates approximately bloodless weather using and lending the component out when we had been off on holiday. Still, I realized this week that I hadn’t posted a lot on my lengthy-term riding experience. So here’s the summary:

It has been amazing.

I love No longer going to gas stations. I love Now, not procuring fuel. And (noticeable for those who nonetheless suppose I should be driving a golfing cart), I love the real riding experience too. Authentic, it may be a touch slow whilst driving in “eco” mode, which slows acceleration, reduces the quantity of AC you could crank, and maximizes regenerative braking to hold range—a feature that insects both my wife and my extra lead-footed friend who borrowed it. But if you’re Not riding to some distance, you may without difficulty override that feature, and it is as zippy as anything.


The most effective predominant drawback is without a doubt related to one in every of its number one blessings: Due to the fact I no longer need to fear normal oil changes, it could be clean to overlook approximately renovation. In truth, it is most effective. Due to the fact I’m penning this put up that I remember, I should probably have the tires rotated and the brakes checked. Aside from that, the auto appears to hold on chugging with very little need for TLC.

The other factor I have to probably document is a range and variety tension. And prefer many human beings who have written all around the internet about this, it’s worth noting that those are two wonderful things. So allow me to say this really: I’ve by no means gotten near jogging out of rate. Even on days when I thought I might be pushing my range (which theoretically maxes out at eighty-two or so miles—much less with highway using), I’ve gotten home with 15 to twenty miles on the “gasometer.” And on the occasional days, while someone inside the family has forgotten to plug it in, we have a Nissan dealership close by with a unfastened rapid charger, which I’m able to use to top up. This is, of the path, partially due to the reality we nonetheless have one fuel automobile in the family. (Quickly to be a plug-in hybrid.) Whenever I want to power similarly than is sensible in the Leaf, I can usually switch with my better half off as she also works locally. It additionally helps that we hooked up a Stage 2 charger at home—a circulate that turned into probably No longer vital; however, it provides convenience and peace of mind.

Variety anxiety, however, is a barely greater complicated count. I’ve observed that many folks generally tend to get worried if the battery drops below 25%. And that anxiousness can cause driving the gasoline automobile “just in case.” So if you’re considering an electric-powered automobile, it is really worth thinking No longer simply in phrases of absolute variety, however in terms of the consolation zones of anybody who’ll be using it. Because more modern Leaf models are available with 27% extra range, and Tesla’s Model three and Chevy’s Bolt will Soon be supplying two hundred+ mile stages, I might believe that range tension will Soon start to disappear.

Subsequently, I can also proportion this from my revel in: Assume many, many humans to ask about your vehicle. I’ve misplaced how many pals are involved, and many at the moment are talking about taking the plunge themselves. I have stated it earlier, but I think we may be surprised using how fast electrified transportation absolutely takes off. Then we can get to paintings on tackling vehicle dependence too. However, the Leaf has been an awesome first foray into ending my oil dependency. I could not advise it greater quiet.

Nissan LEAF Takes an Ambitious Step Into The Destiny


Leaves or Leafs

Over the previous few years, Nissan has made Formidable strides, or as an alternative, brilliant leaps in its search for greener automobile answers. The result? The world’s first 100% 0-emissions electric automobile designed for the mass market, the Nissan LEAF or Leading Environmentally pleasant Low-cost Family vehicle. And The world has actually taken observe as the LEAF has already earned such prestigious accolades as the 2011 – 2012 Eastern vehicle of the 12 months, 2011 European car of the year, and 2011 World vehicle of the yr awards.

However, Nissan’s relationship with the electric car did not start with the LEAF and went Again as ways as 1997 while it brought its Altra EV at the la International Car Display. Nissan only produced about 2 hundred of the Altra EVs, which were offered as fleet vehicles between 1998 and 2002. Following the Altra turned into the Nissan Hypermini, the Nissan EV-eleven prototype electric-powered car was based totally on the Nissan Tiida.

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