MAC held their February assembly

President Linda Cornelius welcomed 26 contributors and guests to the Washington Carnegie Public Library for the monthly Monday Afternoon Membership assembly on Feb. 6. Secretary Kim Wagner read the minds from the preceding meeting, and Treasurer Julie Bassler gave the treasurer’s file.

                                       February assembly


Mac Nordstrom

The MAC Moment changed into supplied utilizing honorary member Mary Lou Gotwald. Her first reminiscence of MAC changed into in the early 50s watching her mother, Mary Norton, practicing here-book presentation again and again and dressing up in a hat and gloves for the weekly meeting.

Gotwald truly shared part of MAC when you consider that 1956 as a baby when she finished with the Jr. Ballet Organisation for this system.

As a young person with a husband, 3 children, and working in health care, research to write a paper to give an application becomes mentally stimulating. In assessing the 43 years of membership and application research, she located it nonetheless hit home with our us of a and authorities nowadays. books recommended then and now to examine “Doublespeak” by using William Lutz and George Orwell’s “1984.”

Gotwald challenged the MAC contributors to live informed and intellectually engaged in educating members of society, persevering with the item of Monday After Membership — literary cultivation and the examination of sociology.

The commentator, Gayle Ostby, offered a humorous and really informative narrative on “The Starting place of Valentine’s Day.” The beginnings of Valentine traditions date again to the Romans, a few as far lower back at forty-four BCE. Linked to the Roman gods, the festival changed into initially approximately shepherds and bringing fitness and fertility to their herds. Then additionally, it celebrated Lupa, the she-wolf that nursed the legendary founders of Rome, Romulus, and Remus, to health.


Rapid ahead to the 18th century, wherein in Britain, exchanging hand-crafted love notes had ended up famous. This subculture quickly caught on in The USA. in the 1850s, Esther Howland, whose father owned a massive ebook and stationery store, notion mass production of such playing cards could be an exceptional way to make cash and, as they are saying, the relaxation is recorded.

Bev Summers added the guest speaker, Jim Pearson, the grandson of former kingdom Sen. Homer E. Capehart. Pearson’s mother changed into the youngest of the Capehart children, and he spent a terrific deal of time with his grandfather. Pearson shared that it becomes smooth to speak at the difficulty, and it changed into obvious he spoke as a passionate observer.


Homer Earl Capehart become a younger guy from a small city in southern Indiana, salesman, farmer, and baby-kisser. In 1927 he installed the automated Phonograph Agency. He is also called “The daddy of the Jukebox,” which persuaded Wurlitzer to produce the coin-operated phonograph jukebox. And Capehart changed into a Wurlitzer income supervisor.

Concerns about the way things were getting in 1938, he took it upon himself to level a substantial amassing called the “Cornfield Convention” on his 1,800-acre farm, and 25,000 Republicans came to the event. The almost deafening oratory was non-prevent. There was a blue and white striped tent, bigger than the tent of a three-ring circus, where eight,500 were seated for a meal. There have been dozens of smaller tents on 120 surround acres. 40-5 hundred fried chickens, forty,000 baked clams, and untold numbers of watermelons had been fed on.

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