The Internet Goes Crazy Over Garfield The Cat’s Gender

All of us know Garfield the Cat. The orange-furred, continually-hungry, Elive Net lasagne-loving caricature feline of puns and sassiness created using creator Jim Davis.

                         Internet Goes Crazy


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Because Garfield’s first ebook was in an American comic strip back in 1978, fanatics of the cat have by no means definitely discussed the finer details of the man or woman — which include his gender, with readers usually presuming he turned into a male.

But in 2017, matters are not so simple.

American online satirist and podcast host Virgil Texas has commenced an internet furor across the gender of Garfield after he publicly introduced the cat as “gender-neutral,” earlier than updating the character’s Wikipedia web page and changing the indexed gender.
Mentioning his evidence as coming from the “Garfield Canon,” Texas’ claims were sparked by using comments made by Davis in a Mental Floss article in 2014 that shows the cat can be genderless.

“Dealing with consuming and sleeping, being a cat, Garfield could be very usual. With the aid of virtue of being a cat, sincerely, he is no longer really male or woman or any unique race or nationality, young or old,” Davis stated.

And before you knew it, a 60-hour Wikipedia struggle had begun, with the net encyclopedia having to lock down Garfield’s website because of the great, wide variety of edits being made to his gender, in keeping with the Washington Submit.


“Gender is fluid. He may also have been a boy in 1981. However, he’s no longer now. Do better,” one Wikipedia consumer said on the edit records log of Garfield’s web page.

“Fixed the gender; fellow characters referring to G as male don’t outweigh the creator announcing he is not. They will be mistaken, in any case,” any other entry reads.

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