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Madison-primarily based Trek Travel’s tours span the globe, The Info Blog imparting bike journeys from Iceland and Chile to California’s wine, United States of America, and British Columbia.

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None of those trips, however, are in Wisconsin. Now, way to the brand new Trek Bicycle Factory Undertaking One Experience, cyclists who buy one of the organization’s pinnacle-of-the-road motorcycles can take the back-of-the-scenes VIP excursion of Trek’s Waterloo Manufacturing facility and get a unique precision fitting for their new custom rides; dine with some of the designers, engineers, and artisans who created their bikes; and opt for a midday-hour spin via Jefferson County’s rolling farmland with them. And if they want — for a further fee — they could live at Madison’s costly Mansion Hill Inn, which Trek owns.

Christian Notte did all this closing year and can not forestall raving about it. He becomes so taken by the whole Task One Revel in, and his new Domane Avenue motorbike that he starts training seriously, drops eleven kilos, and signs up for his first-ever Trek Journey excursion.

He did not mess around when it came to selecting a trip. The day trip he chose tackles a number of the equal climbs as the ones done utilizing the arena’s first-rate cyclists in the Tour de France, together with the famed Alpe d’Huez ascent of 3,670 toes over nine miles. Higher, but the trip is with former top racer Jens Voigt, a Trek ambassador and native of Germany who has won numerous worldwide races.

Notte, a forty-seven-year-old Florida resident, has an ardor for 2-wheeled transportation modes made in Wisconsin. He desired a new motorcycle and sold a sleek black Harley-Davidson one centesimal Anniversary Road King. Two years ago, after going through what he describes as a few “attempting times” in his existence, he determined to get again into bicycling. An especially unique neuroscience psychologist stated he spent 18 months learning and trying out bicycles before settling on a Trek Domane with a base charge of around $6,000.

“I researched every inch of that bicycle,” he stated. “And humorous factor, however, Trek changed into the first bike I ever owned in middle college. I stored up what I was paid for slicing lawns and bought it with my cash. So I guess you can say I used to be going back to my roots with a Trek.”

He learned about Trek Journey, affiliated with Trek Bicycles, during the procedure. Inside 5 minutes after you have an email about the Manufacturing unit Enjoy, I referred to as to sign up,” he stated. Notte made the experience to Madison remaining October to be measured for his new bike, choose its paint fashion, wheels, seat, gears, pedals, and other options. He says he went “all-out” on the bike, but decal-to specify the full fee.

He also spent the night at the one hundred sixty-year-old Mansion Hill Hotel, which Trek Bicycles offered in 2008, and spent 12 months restoring its former grandeur. Built via rich contractor Alexander McDonnell and designed by architect August Kutzboch, the 10-room, 9,000-rectangular-foot boutique resort is on Huge Trojan Horse Hill and Inside walking distance of Madison’s Nation St., Capitol rectangular and the College of Wisconsin campus.

McDonnell, so the story is going, wanted “the quality residence that cash should buy.

Trek restored all the rooms, preserved the Lodge’s traditional parlor, and introduced an imposing bar for uniqueness. The Lodge, Constructed in the German Romanesque Revival fashion, offers a European-style continental breakfast and has a B-cycle bike-sharing station outdoors. Notte drove lower back to Wisconsin in December to choose his motorcycle on the Trek Waterloo Manufacturing facility and take the VIP excursion, which he called “great.


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“If you’re into biking, the historic objects on the Manufacturing unit are tremendous; getting to stroll around, see how bikes like mine are made, and speak to the folks that layout them over lunch is cool,” he stated. “Now, I’ll constantly have a special connection to Trek and its personnel. That tour was, in reality, one of the pinnacle experiences of my life.”

Even though Trek has a few paint jobs on display that rival something on a tricked-out Harley, Notte stated he selected glossy black — much like his street King.

“I didn’t do anything loopy. However, I have to say it without a doubt, pops,” he said, noting that he had the Trek brand carried out in silver.

And the pièce de résistance? He had the phrase “Carpe Diem” hand-painted on the motorbike’s pinnacle bar.

“Carpe diem method ‘seize the day,’ and I try to live that way,” he stated. “I’m one of those guys who wants to get it proper the first time, and I did it with this motorbike.

“I have had a few big matters in my lifestyle that I needed to warfare to get via. So this motorcycle symbolizes that: residing each day to the max, cherishing it, and being thankful.”

Extra data: The price of the Undertaking One Enjoy is $999, which includes a VIP tour of the Waterloo Manufacturing unit, precision fitting, organization trip, and other alternatives. It’s miles to be had maximum Fridays for the year. Contributors can also order high-stop mountain motorcycles as part of the same application.

You don’t have to shop for a brand-new Trek motorbike to live at the Mansion Hill Inn, 424 N. Pinckney St., Madison. Weekday fees for an overnight at the boutique B&B begin at $210 a night. For more statistics, see or call (608) 255-0172.

The add-on rate with the Project One Enjoys for a two-night stay at the Lodge, dinner at a pinnacle Madison bistro, day-by-day breakfast, and a shuttle to and from the Trek Factory is $750 in line with an individual with an additional $250 rate for a roommate.

Asia’s latest Beach Hotel Sihanoukville, Cambodia

In Cambodia, Angkor Wat is the principal draw for tourism today, and rightly so; called the Crown Jewel of South East Asia, the temple complex’s 40 Sq. Kilometers of temples are well-known worldwide; however, More human beings are traveling the rest of Cambodia, and word of mouth because the relaxation of Cambodia is worth a go. The Seashore Lodge of Sihanoukville is rapidly turning into a holiday destination in its very own right, with plenty of islands and parks and activities from hiking and exploring, scuba diving & snorkeling and boat rides, waterfalls, jungle treks, and chilling in a hammock in a quiet Beach park analyzing an excellent e-book. Culturally, there are the markets, the nearby wats, and the colleges, in which many come to donate money and time to educate the youngsters.

Sihanoukville has a five-star Resort on its own kilometer-long personal Beach. The pool can be categorized as a small lake and is nearly visible from space, with a bridge to its little island. The inn is only two years old and has a workforce-to-visitor ratio of 4/1. The prices for comparable accommodations in South East Asia could be considerably higher.

If you are a financial visitor, Sihanoukville is your location; numerous rooms are available with aircon, hot water, a fridge, and Cable Television for $10 – $20 a night. If you want a place to stay for six months or more, you could get a business visa on the border on call and live as long as you like; it works out to around $1 an afternoon for the visa extensions, making the metropolis appealing to pensioners and semi-retired humans.

Backpackers like Sihanoukville, with some places offering 50-cent tall bloodless beers and reasonably-priced food starting at $.50. Some also locate paintings as bartenders and operate the restaurants. Backpacker hostels begin as low as free; yup, free; all you have to do is purchase one of your meals on the accommodations, and the price for the food remains cheap, $1.50 to 2.50 a plate.

One neighborhood professional ex-pat guesses that there is an extra Western enterprise in step with a population in Sihanoukville than any other vicinity in Asia! Many are starting guesthouses & lodges, small bed and breakfast places, restaurants and bars, and small inns, with some starting to pop up on the islands off the coast. Want to lease your fable island for a week to test out Magic Island?

Logistically, the entirety that you will need is right here, which includes reliable electricity, net, and Western eating places, as well as quite a few Asian-European forte meals organized with the Western travelers’ tastes in mind, which include Khmer seafood, Thai, Vietnamese, French, Italian, German, Russian, Indian, Sri Lankan and Greater coming quickly. English languages schools, are many in Sihanoukville so that you can almost always locate someone to speak English while you want it.

US Dollars and Cambodian Riel are the two most commonplace currencies in use. Money used to be a hassle as you had to pass in the banks to get coins, and with 26 holidays on the Cambodian calendar, you may get stuck without cash for a few days. there are ATM places in Siem Gain- Angkor Wat, Phnom Penh, Battambang, and Sihanoukville. You can change every forex with Yen, Euros, Baht, Kip, Dong, and Sing Bucks.

Sihanoukville is getting less complicated to get cheap international flights into Bangkok and reasonably priced regional flights into Phnom Penh. Flights into Sihanoukville are very close to being a fact as well. Regularly scheduled buses from Phnom Penh will get you to Sihanoukville on a terrific American-constructed road in four hours. You may also set up taxis and trucks for shifting corporations of human beings and a longtime over-water route from Bangkok to Trat to the Had Lek – Klang Yai border to Sihanoukville. You might even arrive here by cruise ship, as More is putting Sihanoukville on their itineraries.

The Islands of Cambodia within the Gulf of Thailand are uninhabited; you’ll find remoted Spartan fishing villages with populations generally fewer than one hundred humans. One Island, Koh Tang, has the handiest seven citizens and could take the Better part of an afternoon to hike around, so If you are searching for that abandoned island to strand yourself on, to paintings in your coconut carving and deliver in a bottle abilities there are numerous right here to choose from, have your hammock and Gal Friday or they may be acquired right here in Sihanoukville.

The Cambodia of the past usually conveys awful pictures of the past misfortunes that the Khmers suffered at the give up of the Vietnam Struggle. Even nowadays, the genocide in Cambodia is still in the news as the country has its tribunal to put the activities in the back them hopefully,


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One of the few backhanded blessings of the latest beyond history was that Cambodia missed out on all the heavy industrialization that the other countries in the location experienced, including Thailand and Vietnam, which means that they overlooked the pollution. A UN survey of the waters in Asia, which included Cambodia, located only three areas of challenge for ocean water fine near shore, wherein Vietnam and Thailand had allotted trouble places, mainly from the industrial pollution and shrimp farms. This could exchange, lamentably, as oil has been found in Cambodia and drilling exploration holes have started. So now could be a, without a doubt, true time to come.

As Cambodia moves forward in the direction of destiny, It’s miles apparent to the maximum that the future in Cambodia is tourism. And for Cambodia’s Beach Inn of Sihanoukville to misquote the song “The Futures so shiny, in Sihanoukville, that you’re gonna want Shades.”

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