What is a pie barm? In Wigan, it’s a way of existence

One year ago, I brought an entire newsroom to a standstill. This wasn’t, sadly, because of any beautiful journalistic success. I used to be simply having my lunch. And it turned into a pie bar.

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I didn’t even realize I’d executed something until I became aware of the slow draining away of the unrest that typifies a nearby newspaper office at noon. I seemed up from what I used to be doing – tapping at my keyboard with one hand, pie bar within the difference – and realized everybody was looking at me. Then they started to depart their desks and walk over to mine until uncomprehending faces surrounded me. What, they desired to realize, became I eating?

I blinked and checked out the meat-and-potato pie sandwiched between a buttered white roll. It becomes only a pie bar. I seemed in the back of me to peer if there had been a person eating something exclusive and outrageous. However no. It turned into me: me and my pie bar.


In that crowd changed into a younger woman, perhaps the most stunned and nonplussed of all. Regardless of this … reader, she married me. And knowledgeable about the ways of carbohydrates, calories, and different such things. Not very much time passed earlier than I finished consuming pies in barm cakes.

You might be said to be resting, in remission, or recuperating. However, when you’re Wigan, you by no means, in reality, prevent ingesting pies. Consuming pies is a part of our DNA, heritage, and birthright. And a pie bar – additionally fondly known as a Wigan Kebab – is the epitome of our gastronomic lifestyle.

I hadn’t thought deeply about pie bars until this week, when a few wags – a scouser, manifestly – published on Twitter a part of a press release from the takeaway employer Hungry House, launched to mark British Pie Week.

Most of the facts were a “Met”opolis Pie-Off” ch” rt, listing the five pies by way of town or City. London became the pinnacle with, relatively bizarrely, banoffee pie. Nicely, I suppose it goes Properly with the handy. In a wide variety, 4 was Wigan with what Hungry House rightly termed “a n”arby traditional,” th” pie bar.

In Wigan, the default lunch – and that indicates how to center magnificence I have to turn out to be – is constantly a pie.”Wha” the f is a pie bar?!!” nu” eros people on Twitter requested. Properly, let me explain.

Wigan folks have been referred to as pie-eaters for almost a century. The story is that during the general strike of 1926, Wigan miners were the first to crumble and cross again to paintings, which means they needed to consume humble pie and earn the nickname. I assume that that’s garbage. We are similar to pies, and we constantly have executed.

The default lunch (which suggests how center-elegance I’veI’vee to be – in Wigan, you have dinner at midday and your tea at five) is usually a pie. Suppose it is taken at home, on a plate surrounded by a moat of Oxo. I imagine the pie barm was invented to facilitate ingesting a pie on the hoof. The barm cake – or bar, or roll, depending on where you are – No longer best affords adequate insulation to your hand against the warmth of the pie But serves to soak up any errant gravy or juice – without wasting a drop.

Pies are continually encased in pastry, none of this slop with a crust simplest on the pinnacle. They can be meat and potato or steak. If you’you’reetarian, I assume you could have a fowl pie. You mean more than a hundred feet from a pie keep in Wigan. Every December, the sector Pie ingesting Championships are staged in HarrHarry’s on Wallgate, which has Now not been without controversy. In 2007, a compcompetitor ate 20 of the pies the nighttime before the occasion. In 2014, a supplier blend-up and the incorrect were added to the bar, with the competition pies as a substitute going to a divorce party. The pinnacle of the championships went on Choose Rinder to get compensation, But it lost.


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Up inside the north, we like to discover humans with the aid of the meals they consume. Consequently, as mentioned, Liverpudlians are scousers; thatthat’sype of stew. In WigaWigan’sghbor, Leigh, humans are “foy” or gobblers” cause they consume lobbies, much like a scouse. God is aware of what they consume in WigaWigan’ssive rugby league rival St Helens; babies, possibly. But Wiganers will usually be pie eaters.

How crucial are pies to Wigan? I was hoping you could pay attention; once I worked at the Wigan Night Submit, I wrote a tale about a fireplace breaking out on the PoolPoole’s manufacturing unit. It damaged the manufacturing gadget, and they needed emergency pie-makers to work through the night to ensure the pie stores had their deliveries on time. We splashed the story on the front web page; I assume we’d headlined it “Bla”k Thursday” or”something.

No longer length after my pie bar lunch incident within the newsroom – and that became in Preston, most effective 20 miles up the street from Wigan – I moved over to Yorkshire, in which you can’t find a first-rate meat-and-potato pie for romance nor cash. I don’t know about pie bars again; however, for the flap on Twitter this week. And now I will get the excellent antique Wigan Kebab out of my head.

The horrifying mentions of pie bars are still scrolling up my Twitter feed. I’m I’ming I’veI’ven capable of offering some solutions. Do you want to speak about the delights of chips, pea wet, and scratchings …?

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