Best Blogs for Interior Designers – 5 Types of Interior Designers

Best Blogs for Interior Designers – It’s important to note that although there are many different types of bloggers, not all blogs are created equal. Here is a quick summary of the most common types of interior designer’s blogs and what they’re good for.

Interior design blogs can be found all over the Internet, but where should you start? Are there any specific types of interior design bloggers that are worth following?

As an interior designer, you need to know what your competition is up to. These are five types of interior design bloggers that you should be following right now.

The first type of blogger is the “I love interior design!” blogger. These bloggers typically take photos of their homes and share them with their followers.

Second, you have the “I just got a new job” blogger. They share photos of their new offices and the changes in their lives. Third, you have the “My clients have been so happy!” blogger. They share testimonials and pictures of their clients’ spaces, and you’ll see that they’re getting a lot of engagement.

Fourth, you have the “I have this awesome DIY project!” blogger. They share projects and show pictures of their finished products. Finally, you have the “I have a great design blog idea!” blogger. They find a niche in interior design that they love and write about it.

Here are 5 types of interior designers to help you figure out which blog to create for your business.

Best Blogs for Interior Designers

1) Home Decorating & DIY Designer

Home decorating and DIY bloggers often have a specific niche, which they cover. They might be a blogger who just enjoys DIY projects or a blogger passionate about home design. These bloggers often share photos of their own home renovations or DIY projects and DIY tutorials.

Do you love the idea of decorating your own home? Or do you simply want to design a room that reflects your own personal style?

If you answered yes to either question, you might be interested in becoming a Home Decorating & DIY Designer. This job category is booming right now, and there are some reasons for it.

The first reason is that people are tired of seeing the same old boring rooms in their homes. There is a massive shift away from the traditional living room and towards more interesting spaces that encourage interaction between family members.

Second, the cost of purchasing the furniture needed to complete your own home has gone down dramatically. In fact, you can often find the same item for less than $100 today.

And finally, the demand for high-quality, well-designed, easy-to-use, and affordable home design software is growing by the day.

2) Interior Design Designer

Interior design blogs are all about the process of designing a room. They write about design trends, inspirational pictures, and helpful tips. These bloggers are often professionals or aspiring professionals who share their knowledge with others.

The design of a space affects the mood of the people in it. This is why interior designers play a critical role in modern society.

The interior designer designs the space based on the needs of the client and their guests. When hiring a professional designer, you can expect a high-quality product.

When the space is completed, it is then given to the client for them to enjoy. If you’re planning on working in interior design, you should have a basic knowledge of all aspects of the industry. This includes the history of interior design, interior design styles, and the different types of materials used in the industry.

A portfolio is essential. This is where you showcase your work. Potential clients will look at your work and decide whether or not they like your style.

Your work should be well presented and easy to understand. If you use photographs, make sure you use high-quality images.

A blog or website is another great way to display your work. There are a lot of free tools that allow you to publish your work.

You can also find a lot of free templates online. Just look around, see what you like, and then download it.

3) Architectural Designer

Housekeeping blogs are about organizing, cleaning, and keeping your house clean. They may talk about a certain brand of vacuum cleaner or dishwasher or share tips on keeping your home looking and feeling clean.

Architecture is a great career choice. It’s not only fun and challenging, but it’s also a rewarding career choice. If you’re looking for a new career, the architectural design might be a good option for you.

Architects work to design, plan, and manage buildings. They help architects and other professionals to create and maintain structures. They may design and build new structures. They may help plan and construct buildings for public use.

They may work in government, construction, engineering, real estate, finance, or business.

Architecture is a field that requires a great deal of creativity, skill, and talent. There are many different types of architecture. Each has its own unique set of requirements. Architecture may involve the design of a building, the planning of a community, the renovation of a home, the design of a landscape, the design of a bridge, the design of a sculpture, the design of a city, the design of a ship, or the design of a chair.

There are many different types of jobs in the field of architecture. The best thing about this career is that you don’t need a college degree to become an architect. In fact, many schools offer architecture degrees without a degree in architecture. You can learn the basics of architecture through online courses.

You may need to attend school for several years to receive a degree in architecture. The first year of school will teach you the basic principles of architecture and how to draw. After you graduate, you will likely find that you will need to continue your education. Most architectural design firms will require you to take continuing education classes to stay current.

You can start an architectural firm. You can also work for an architectural firm. If you work for a firm, you will typically need to attend classes and work at night.

Best Blogs for Interior Designers

4) Industrial Designer

There are thousands of industrial designers globally, but only a few dozen can claim to be truly successful.

As an industrial designer, you have to be able to work with a variety of materials. It’s not just about drawing but also about understanding materials, geometry, and function. You must be able to solve problems on the fly.

Industrial designers are artists, engineers, and scientists all in one. They use their design knowledge to make the world a better place.

They solve problems with clever design solutions. It’s their job to make things better.

Industrial designers are responsible for the look and feel of various products, including office equipment, household appliances, medical devices, and toys.

They are also responsible for creating concepts for new products. Industrial design has its roots in industrial engineering and human factors, but today it encompasses many disciplines, including visual communication, ergonomics, usability, and user experience.

Industrial designers can create a product concept, work with engineers to develop prototypes, and oversee production.

Industrial designers must have a strong grasp of their discipline’s history, tools, and techniques. They may also have a background in art or fashion and often have an understanding of marketing and sales.

5) House-Sharing Designer

A house-sharing designer is a person who specializes in designing houses for other people to live in. A house-sharing designer must possess interior design, architecture, and construction skills. They must be able to visualize the needs of each client. This means that they have to have a good understanding of how to combine each client’s individual needs while still making sure that the result is aesthetically pleasing.

As a house-sharing designer, you must be willing to work long hours and dedicate yourself fully to each project. If you have no desire to do this kind of work, you shouldn’t become a house-sharing designer. It’s tough and tiring work. You have to be ready to go out every day and see clients and make sure that everything is being done correctly. You may find it necessary to work with a team of subcontractors.

As a house-sharing designer, you will need to work closely with a team of interior designers, architects, and contractors. You will have to be creative and keep an eye out for trends in the industry. You will have to be open-minded and ready to learn new things.

Best Blogs for Interior Designers

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do you define a good interior designer?

A: A good interior designer knows all areas of interior design; they can build and furnish spaces and help you design the look and feel of any space in a way that fits your lifestyle and personality.

Q: How should an interior designer view their blog?

A: As a designer, I try to advise on how to design spaces and decorate with a focus on what my clients are looking for.

Q: Do you have any tips or tricks on blogging?

A: You should be honest with yourself and your readers. If something isn’t working, you need to be open and honest about it, rather than just pretending to like something you don’t.

Q: How can you improve your blog design?

A: I would change the font color to a brighter shade of red since this is a fashion blog.

Q: Why are blogs so important to designers?

A: Blogs allow designers to tell their stories and to share their thoughts and opinions with others.

Q: How does one maintain a blog that has a unique perspective?

A: To maintain a unique perspective, you need to stay current with the latest trends. You should also know when to give advice and when to be silent. You also need to have a clear sense of who you are as a designer and writer.

Q: What is the most challenging aspect of blogging?

A: The most challenging aspect of blogging is being consistent. When I’m writing, I think of it as a job. I am on the clock, and I need to be disciplined and stick to my schedule.

Myths About Interior Designers 

4. Interior designers are just a bunch of pretty people wearing designer clothes.

5. They sit on their high horses while giving me unsolicited advice.

6. They don’t know anything about home decor, furniture, or interior design.

7. They have a million other clients besides you.

8. The fact that they’re making $80,000 a year means that you need to make at least $80,


The interior design industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world right now. As such, it’s important that you find the right information about the field.

There are many different types of designers, each with its own set of qualifications and requirements. There are also a number of websites that will help you learn about interior design.

So what makes a blog a good resource for interior design? What type of blog should you focus on? Read on to find out!

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