Google Nexus 7 Review and Some Tips

I by no means can justify why I would spend $500 on a tablet once I can get a computer for $500 and do greater on it since it has a keyboard and is a complete operating system. But the price of the Nexus and the overall performance got my attention.

Google Nexus 7 Review and Some Tips 25

Part of me desired to peer how a 7″ drug felt and what it can assist in my daily life; however, extra importantly, I desired something I can play music directly to my Bluetooth audio system with a big screen. It works wonderfully for track, games, net surfing, email, and the internet. Everything runs very first-class, and it seems Android has constant maximum troubles from beyond versions. I also love the modern-day Google Voice characteristic. Apples’ equivalent, which is Siri, is something you presently can’t get on an iPad. That is one large reason why I’d get this over an iPad. I can do things like say “Set Timer,” “directions to,” etc.

People do not compare this to the iPad, but virtually, now that I’ve played around with it, I sense you can form of comparing it to an iPad. Initially, I definitely did not want the 7″ display screen and would have favored a ten,” but after owning it, I do now select the 7″ because I can preserve it in 1 hand. With a 10″ like the iPad, it is no longer as easy to keep. It’s a nice size for games and visiting.

Most popular video games are to be had for Android. Android capsules have now not been famous, so some apps you may discover nevertheless want a few catching up. The Nexus 7 is just as excellent as an iPad for video games and will prevent about $2 hundred over an iPad if you are seeking out a pill tool.
Here are matters I sense human beings may want to know or that I observed essentially.

Home Screen:

Works high-quality and very easy, they introduced the feature Home Screen would not rotate, but this app will repair that for you and permit you to rotate the screen while you turn the device horizontal. It’s referred to as “Ultimate Rotation Control.”


This nevertheless annoys me with all Android gadgets I’ve attempted, but! I concept they could have fixed it by now. If you yell loud into the microphone, it gets all distorted extra than it has to. The Nexus 7 nevertheless does this. Now I’ve best tested it incomplete on the Samsung Galaxy participant. Both distort and annoy me. Apple’s iPod touch can hand yelling and loud sounds lots higher than the Nexus 7. It takes a lot to distort Apple device microphones. When I say Apple gadgets, I am speaking about the Apple iPod and assuming their other devices have equal mic. I do understand the antique iPod Nano video did have a terrible mic. However, this is now not round. Maybe there is a better Android app accessible for recording, I’ll nevertheless go searching, but I think a part of this difficulty is probably the “AGC.” Some apps assist you in shutting it off. That really helped on my Galaxy Player five. I file myself playing guitar and stuff with a tune on these gadgets. That is why the microphone, to me, is essential.


Google Nexus 7 Review and Some Tips 26

The speaker is pretty appropriate, however, not blasting. It’s sort of like an iPad speaker; I might bet, maybe a bit decrease. I don’t have an iPad with me to compare. The Nexus 7 defiantly isn’t louder than an iPad speaker, from what I can inform you. My Galaxy Player 5.0 has better speakers. They are a lot louder, and extra have a touch of extra bass than the Nexus, in my opinion. If you’re using the Nexus 7 with Bluetooth audio system to blast tune, it’s not a problem. Don’t get me wrong, you, without a doubt, can concentrate on the music at the Nexus 7. You simply can not blast the heck out of a room with it like a stereo that no one can talk over. It’s an amazing volume.


There is no flash on the Nexus 7. There is best a front face digital camera, no rear digicam. There is no camera app on it, but you may download it from the Play Store; look for “Camera launcher for Nexus 7”“. Photos and videos are what you’ll anticipate from a 1.2MP. However, nothing perfect does take images and video when you have lights where you are taking pictures. There is no flash.

Smoothness and speed:

Yes, very easy! They, in the end, we’re given the Android OS where monitors slide, and results are easy like Apple devices. It feels like a big restoration for this became within the Jelly Bean Android OS. My galaxy participant doesn’t have that exceptional smoothness. The Nexus 7 defiantly runs apps and transitions to displays quicker and smoother than the Galaxy Player 5.Zero. You can watch a few movies to look at the smoothness, but I’d say it’s the same as the iPad smoothness. I haven’t used the present-day iPad, though, so don’t take me up on that. Just know it’s clean! One issue I observe even though on the Nexus 7, which is minor. I’m gambling music using the default tune player, and I turned into messing around with some widgets, adding them to the screen and stuff. The song hung for a fast sec. I became the usage of volume widgets. This makes me suppose they want to set CPU priority to the song higher or something. But perhaps it was only a poorly made app I changed into messing with.

It seems like they finally killed this. This was where you could see your Android tool files to your pc like a USB power. But you still can see all of the files and copy files to the Nexus 7, but it’s as a device. (On Windows 7) It seems to have precipitated Double Twist to now not work, but I offered Double Twist Air and synched over Wi-Fi which worked OK.

Screen photographs

Yes, finally, you can take display screen pictures without a third-celebration app. They may additionally have had this in their preceding model of Android,d too; however, it is no longer in Gingerbread. For the Nexus 7, maintain the volume button and power button for some seconds, and it’s going to take a screenshot.


It has a built-in widget known as “What’s this song” It works like Shazam and is built in totally free. The tune app appears to be like the previous Android Music app, with a few little enhancements here and there.

Car Stereo

Google Nexus 7 Review and Some Tips 27

I examined the Nexus 7 with my Sony USB stereo in my vehicle. It acknowledges it as an mp3 player simplest; I’m no longer too clear on how you would look for songs and playlists even though. You probably cannot, is my guess. I’d opt to use the auxiliary jack on my stereo not to control the music with the Nexus Interface. That works remarkable for me. There is just no charging.

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