How is BHIM app extraordinary from cell wallets

The Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) cell app, launched on December 30, 2016, in a bid to make virtual economic offerings to be had to all, has emerged as one of the fastest developing apps. Within 10 days of release, it has visible one crore downloads and over 20 lakh transactions across the UPI (unified bills interface) and America (unstructured supplementary carrier information) platforms. Even as it is a massive step in virtual inclusion, how extraordinary is it in reality from the present digital bills structures?


One for All

BHIM is a digital bill solution app for easy and quick transactions based on the Unified bills Interface (UPI) from the Countrywide bills Agency of India (NPCI). Those who have signed up for UPI-based payments on their bank debts, which can also be connected to mobile phone numbers, will use the BHIM app to perform virtual transactions. You may, without problems, make direct bank-to-bank bills right away and gather Money using only a mobile number or payment cope with. It lets in man or woman to person Money transfers, scheduled Cash series, and transactions to be achieved through a phone. Payments may be made across all participating banks (35 in overall). To make transactions using UPI, one no longer requires an account number or bank info; all transactions can be done using the VPA (virtual fee deal with) created in the banking app.

The spotlight of the BHIM app is that every one of the UPI transactions is mixed into a single app -people need no longer download exceptional UPI-linked banking apps to make transactions. Other than sending, receiving, and inquiring for Money, one can also check their account stability and switch among debts if they have a couple of bank accounts. Cash also can be despatched to non-UPI-supported banks using IFSC code and account-wide variety. It supports only Hindi and English languages as of now, unlike different cell wallets that guide local languages, too. BHIM is to be had most effective on Android via Google Play. Those without getting right of entry to statistics offerings can use BHIM by way of dialing star99hash (United states-based cellular banking career) on their telephones. UPI-connected apps, along with PhonePe and Trophy, allow the transfer of Money without sharing any details, using only the cell range, furnished the receiver additionally has the equal app.


humans can pay their software bills, purchase present cards, and proportion charges amongst friends the use of those apps. However, when sending Cash using the BHIM app, the quantity will pass immediately into the receiver’s bank account irrespective of whether the receiver has the BHIM app or now not. “BHIM is a skeleton of what UPI does, that’s sending and receiving payments. Trophy starts of evolved in which BHIM stops; it presents fee-brought services over and above what BHIM does,” says Vivek Loh Chee, Co-founding father of Trophy.

The level of authentication: Wallets in most cases depend on a phone’s locking machine as their security device. Even Whilst making a price, wallets often don’t ask for any pin or password. So if the cellphone is stolen, all of us can make transfers the use of the wallet by means of simply unlocking the display screen. The BHIM app, on the other hand, has its own app password. One desires to enter the password to get the right of entry to the apto continues with a transaction, ato check stability. The charging gateway is blocked after three incorrect attempts. But, with BHIM allowing simply the call or cellular wide variety as charge cope with, all of us can request for Money. The NPCI has advised human beings approximately unknown payment requests one might also get.

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