Vehicle Magazine Test: BMW 340i vs Nissan Maxima SR

If you have been to ask any BMW fan how they felt about a Nissan Maxima, you will get various responses, from sneering to downright laughing. At the same time as Nissan used to boast true overall performance vehicle chops at some point of its lineup, and nevertheless does with the GT-R, the majority of Nissan’s cars inside the beyond a decade or so were indescribably dull. However, the famous Japanese emblem feels as if it’s come up with a sports sedan that could honestly rival the BMW three Collection and its different German competition — the Nissan Maxima SR. Does that declare warrant laughter? Automobile Magazine finds out.

                                     Nissan Maxima SR



In this modern song, Check, Car Mag, pits their 4-Seasons Nissan Maxima SR against a BMW 340i to the better peer. On paper, the BMW has advantages everywhere in the place. It’s the rear-wheel force compared to Maxima’s front-wheel power, it has a manual gearbox compared to Maxima’s CVT, and it’s a greater power. The BMW 340i packs a three. 0-liter turbocharged I6 engine that makes 320 hp and 330 lb-ft of torque. Through evaluation, the Maxima’s certainly-aspirated three.five-liter V6 makes the simplest 300 hp and 261 lb-toes of torque. So the Bimmer is notably faster, getting from zero-60 mph in four.9 seconds, in comparison to Maxima’s relatively lazy seconds.

However, does that make it higher at the tune? It actually makes it quicker, as the BMW 340i turned three full seconds faster than the Maxima on the Streets of Willow’s Massive Willow circuit. But, Vehicle claims that the BMW 340i made up most of its time at the straights and with its greater torque coming out of corners. Reputedly, the Maxima hangs right with it through corners and may deal with simple as well, with a few staffers claiming to have desired the Maxima.

Perhaps the Maxima SR is reduced from the identical material the GT-R is. That does seem tough to trust, as all of Nissan’s current merchandise, apart from the excellent GT-R, have the athleticism of a sloth. We’re not pronouncing that we doubt the oldsters at Automobile; it’s just that the idea of a current Nissan Maxima being as amusing to drive as the BMW 340i is something we’d pressure and feel to trust truly.

However, Car claims that Maxima’s guidance feel is not best on par, leading to the BMW 340i’s and that it turned into less complicated to toss around on a track. I should admit, the last contemporary Nissan product I drove had some of the worst steerage feel I’d ever encountered, main me to impeach if there has been something wrong with it. It felt as though the wheel wasn’t surely related to whatever, nearly as if the steerage rack snapped in two. So it’s surprising to listen to Maxima putting out the correct guidance feel.


2017 Nissan maxima 01 750×441

There were some regions wherein the BMW turned into still better. Its manual gearbox is far superior to the CVT within the Maxima. The Nissan’s continuously variable transmission was lazy and slow to respond, even in “manual mode,” making it difficult to force quickly at a few points. The Bimmer also had a good deal higher brakes, which helped it to the tune. The 340i also has a lot higher engine, as few engines of any type are available on the market better than BMW’s B58 I6.


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Average, Car found the Maxima to be proper up there with the BMW 340i, in phrases of sporty dynamics, which is sudden. Although, it’s also encouraging. A primary couple of Maxima generations has been quite a laugh to force and had been exceptional overall performance values. But Nissan has regarded to have lost its way in the latest years in dramatic fashion, becoming every other vanilla economic system logo. So it’d be great to peer the well-known Jap brand to start placing out a few well-correct using vehicles. Hopefully, that is a trend that keeps.

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