What’s the Right Time for Harwood Floor Replacement?

Hardwood flooring has become a desirable part of homes over time. Where it looks elegant, it also adds value to the property. When its installation process is done right, it can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house, making you fall in love with your place.


However, it is essential to note that it does not just end up after installing wood flooring. Proper maintenance of flooring to protect it from scratches and marks is crucial. So never commit the mistake of overlooking it. You need to take care of the hardwood floor if you don’t want to lower the beauty of your house and want it to be durable.

Sooner or later, the floor loses the charm which it holds. After your endless efforts to maintain the perfection of the floor, its appearance deteriorates, and it begins to look dull. Then you are left with no alternative other than replacing the hardwood floor. Now let’s discuss the signs that indicate immediate replacement of the floor.

1. Extreme Refinishing –

Refinishing can bring back the initial appearance, but the wooden floor will not bear it forever. There is a limit to the times the flooring can be refinished. So it’s suggested to find how many times you can get your hardwood floor refinished. Get it confirmed from your hardwood flooring contractor if you couldn’t find it. To accomplish the refinishing task, you have to sand off some of the wood. Thus, after regular refinishing, the wood becomes thin and unworkable. If not replaced on time, your floor can get holes in it. Experts suggest carrying refinishing at most five times.

2. Water Damage –

Refinishing can help get rid of scratches, but it becomes hard when water damage must be fixed. Once damaged by water, it means it’s time to get the flooring replaced. If not replaced on time, then the density of damage can worsen. It can further continue to rot.

Water damage signs include an unbalanced floor, gaps between boards, and peeling of the hardwood floor. If you notice any of these signs, call the flooring expert and confirm if it is water damage or not. Once confirmed, get the wooden floor renewed as soon as possible.

3. Wish to have a new design –

It might be the possibility that you are bored with the existing flooring in your house and are looking for some elegant design. In that case, you have to consider the entire replacement of the flooring.

You can only think of refinishing if you are looking for another color option. But if you are looking for a substantial change such as broader planks, then replacing the flooring is the only option left with you.

If you don’t want the design to be the reason for floor change, get evergreen flooring installed in your house. You can even take the suggestion of your hardwood flooring contractor in making the right choice.

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